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I recently had the opportunity to take a road trip to New Mexico and it was one of the best road trips I've always been there. We made a trip from Santa Fe, which was a much longer trip to explore the wonderful state of New Mexico. The trip was scenic, with some excellent rides, but it took us through some of my favorite places in the state to travel by car, such as the enchanting city of Santa Cruz, NM and the beautiful mountains of San Juan County. I started in northern New Mexico (see the North - Central New Mexico page for detailed directions), but the trip is long enough to explore everything.

Check out this public health ordinance located in the historic village of Chimayo, New Mexico. The 4-Corner Monument, which is marked with a 4-Corner Monument, is worth a quick photo if you drive in this direction. After a tour of the sites in northern New Mexico, we found the property and returned to the peace, beauty and comfort of Paradise Pond.

It is located 13 miles east of Espanola and Chimayo and is on the eastern edge of the Santa Cruz National Wildlife Refuge, north of El Paso, Texas.

New Mexico is home to many national monuments and parks, one of which is the Sand Dunes National Monument, a huge wedge in northern New Mexico that covers 242,555 acres. In 2013, it was declared a national park, the largest of its kind in the United States. It is located on the eastern edge of the Santa Cruz National Wildlife Refuge, which offers access to a variety of wildlife and great views of New York City. Another attraction in northern New Mexico that is within day trips is the Santa Fe National Forest, an area with over 1,500,000 inhabitants.

The Spanish colonized in 1598 when Juan Onate claimed territory north of the Rio Grande for New Spain and later became the first governor of Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico. The Spaniards regrouped control of the area and created the Santa Cruz National Forest, the largest national park in the United States and a major tourist attraction.

The ease of travel led to a dramatic increase in tourism, while small and large cities developed in New Mexico. While Santa Fe and Taos developed as art destinations for travelers, other areas of New Mexico were transformed into tourist destinations.

The recreation area on Lake Santa Cruz is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Mexico. Activities in Santa Fe, from the SantaFe Railroad to the San Juan County Courthouse and even the historic downtown area.

Chimayo can certainly be visited on a day trip from Santa Fe, but it is much more fun to take the high road that leads from Santa Fe to Taos. Las Cruces is a great destination for modern travelers who follow the route from Albuquerque to SantaFe, a route my husband And I followed on our journey with the camper van westbound from San Diego. You can fly to Albuquerque and rent a car to get to New Mexico from the major airport of Albuquerque, as there are two airports connected by commuter planes.

In downtown Albuquerque, you can take a shuttle from the airport via ABQ - IATA and then head out. There are currently no major bus lines to Santa Fe, so you have to drive through Albuquerque and behave. This route connects SantaFe with the surrounding communities of Taos and Las Cruces, as well as the city of Albuquerque itself. The route from Albuquerque to Santafe, a route that connects Santa Claus Fe to the surrounding communities. From Albuquerque, you can get to the surrounding community of Albuquerque and there is currently an important bus line that runs to Santa Fe.

In the meantime, here are a few tips and tricks you might find useful when planning your trip to Santa Fe New Mexico. Take one of these measures and make sure you include it in your itinerary, as well as a list of other options for your next trip to the state.

Museums in New Mexico are generally inexpensive, and don't forget the New Mexico CulturePass, which costs $30 for 14 of the state's museums, can lead to significant savings. Below is a list of tour operators you can use, where to stay, how to get around NewMexico and travel alone. Guide helps you find the best rated activities and tours for worldwide destinations, including New Mexican. Find a guide to the best hotels, restaurants, museums and attractions in Santa Fe, Santa Cruz, Albuquerque and Albuquerque, as well as tips and tricks for getting around the city and out of town.

The Gruet tasting room is located in Albuquerque, but 45 minutes southeast of Las Cruces, Blake's Lotaburger is known as one of the state's best burger joints and popular with locals and tourists alike. There is a beautiful hill called El Rancho Chimayo in Santa Cruz, which offers a great view of the Santa Fe City Hall and the historic buildings of the city.

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